The Lightscopes – In My Head Debut Single Release

The Review

Written By Sally Newman 7th February 2019

The Lightscopes Debut Single “In My Head” which was released at the end of November 2018 is a rocking, feel good, tune with rhythmic back beats on drums and guitar and amazing harmonic vocals that will have you nodding your head in recognition while the tune courses through your body. Ultimately it grips you and leaves you wanting more!! and boy can the lead singer hold a noooooote!! 🙌👌

The Lightscopes hail from Essex and are compromised of Tom McCarthy (known affectionately as Macca) on Vocals, Scott Forsyth on Guitar,
Tom Boardman on Bass and Aaron Palmer on Drums. They were formed 3 years ago and having been honing their skill-set and perfecting their art ever since.

The Lightscopes are an Indie/Brit-Pop/Rock band and credit their musical influences to the likes of Oasis, The Who, Sex Pistols, The Jam, Wolf Alice and The Enemy to name but a few and I think these somewhat diverse influences are apparent from their unique sound . The Lightscopes thrive on playing live gigs having played live quite extensively throughout 2018 and will continue to do so in 2019 so make sure to catch them if you can!
The overall aim of the Band is to “make tunes that people enjoy and connect to and have a good time in the process” and I think they certainly fulfill this ambition in bucket loads!

The Lightscopes are currently working hard preparing new material hoping to record some new tracks with a view to recording their first EP. So watch this space for that and I promise you that you’ll be thanking me that you did!

In summary, I reckon that The Lightscopes are a name you’d be wise to familiarise yourself with as I think that these guys are set to become kind of a big deal xx

The Lightscopes can be found on various social media platforms including Facebook Instagram and Twitter  and you can also listen to their tracks on Youtube and Spotify

The Band are presently unsigned to any particular label, but they are under management so should you have any further questions/enquiries regarding the band then please, do direct them to

Review written by Sally Newman Instagram @what.sally.said FaceBook: Sally Newman (WhatSallySaid) Twitter: WhatSallySaid_

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