The Big Peach : All You Gotta Do Is Ask – Single Review

Written by Sally Newman 4th February 2019

The Big Peach’s NEW release “All You Gotta Do Is Ask” is the perfect Sixties inspired, sure to be future classic.h

The new single recently dropped by Manchester’s very own, The Big Peach, will transport you right back to a simpler time and place when music was raw and the passion was real. There’s an undeniable retro, sixties feel to their whole sound, which I love and if music from this era is your thing too then you should definitely check them out! The Big Peach encapsulates everything that was good about this era in terms of feel good times and tunes.

“All You Gotta Do Is Ask” is a fun, uplifting little track with simple, melodic vocals and excellent guitar rifts carrying the tune through to its conclusion. It harks back to the lazy days of summer; of kicking back and letting the good times roll. If you want an escape from the dark, drizzly grey days of Brexit ridden Britain, then The Big Peach are the ultimate feel good anecdote!

The Big Peach were first formed in 2017 and comprise of Harry Richards, George Richards and Henry Smith on Guitars and Vocals. James Drummond on Bass and Sean Hitchen on Drums. This 5 piece Mod Punk Rock ‘n’ Soul loving outlaws group have been entertaining their audiences with their feel-good sounds ever since.
They not only look the part of sixties hipsters, but they’ve expertly honed the sounds and virtual feeling all too reminiscent of the era too.

The Big Peach can be found gigging mainly in and around their home city of Manchester, delighting audiences with their retro vibe and foot-tapping tunes.
If you are lucky enough to catch one of their live performances, then you simply must ensure you pick yourself up one of their bright yellow T-shirt’s while you’re there! What a conversation starter a bright yellow t-shirt with the words “All You Gotta Do is Ask” blazoned across your chest is!!!! The mind boggles🤣

The new Single All You Gotta Do Is Ask is available to listen to now on Spotify by clicking here and their Self-titled album is also available on Bandcamp by clicking here

We all need a few little rays of sunshine during these long, cold winter months and I promise you that The Big Peach will deliver just that 🌞🌞🌞

The Big Peach can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

Review written by Sally Newman Instagram @what.sally.said FaceBook: Sally Newman (WhatSallySaid) Twitter: WhatSallySaid_

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