Elf on the Shelf

So its nearly that time of year again, you know the one where we argue with our partners about who forgot the put the Elf out somewhere new the night before and about who’s turn it is to think of something new to do with said cute named Elf that night!!

In all honestly the kids absolutely love it and its the epitome of childhood magic at Christmas, but for us adults well quite honestly it can be a bit of a pain in the proverbial’s can’t it!

Well worry not my friends as this year I’ve thought ahead and pre-planned the Elf’s activities for every day throughout the Elf visiting season and I’m going to share that Diary with you now so that you too can have one less thing to worry about over the Festive Period.

November 30th

The Elf will be with you when the children awake in the morning so tonight you need to set up ready for when they get up… see below

December 1st

Today we welcome the Elf  into our home. He arrived via a little “Elf Door” which is by the stairs in the hallway. (doors available from Poundland, Wilkinsons, The Range, Dunelm and other such like stores) He has a letter from Santa telling you his name and how he is here to watch the children on behalf of Santa to make sure they are behaving! He has also brought the children a present each in the form of an advent calendar.

elf door

December 2nd

This Elf that has come to stay is a little bit mischievous! last night it would appear that he has been playing with the children’s toys. He has made them into the shape of a snowman on the living room floor.

December 3rd

The toys have decided that they weren’t best pleased with the trick the Elf played on them last night so they have got their own back by taping him to the wall.

tapped up elf

December 4th

The Elf hasn’t learnt his lesson and is up to his old tricks again. This time he has gone around and stuck little cut out hats and funny faces over the family framed photographs.

December 5th

This morning when Mum goes to get the milk out of the fridge for breakfast, she finds that the Elf has turned the milk red and green! (use empty milk cartons and fill with water and a drop of food colouring for this)

December 6th

The Elf is sorry he upset Mum with his Milk trick yesterday so today by way of apology he has left some Christmas books for the family to read and enjoy.

December 7th

Today we wake up to find the the Elf has taped the boys bedroom door shut with Elf “Mischief tape” (This can be purchased from Poundland, Wilkinsons, The Range, Dunelm etc). They have to fight their way out of their bedrooms this morning!

elf tape

December 8th

Today the Elf has been playing with the toilet roll and is rolling down the stairs in it.

elf toilet roll

December 9th

The Elf has hidden some sweets around the house and has left a note for the children with clues of where to find them. I’m going to use some chocolate tree decorations and candy canes for this. Both £1 each a pack from a local supermarket.

elf candy cane

December 10th

As the Elf has been with us for a while now, it would appear that he has been back to visit Santa as there is snow around his little door and snowy foot steps in the hallway. (snow spray and foot stencil available to buy from Poundland, Wilkinsons, The Range and Dunelm etc) The Elf has another note from Santa with him saying how he feels the children have been behaving. Use this opportunity to tell the children that Santa knows if they have been being naughty!

elf footprints

December 11th

Today we wake up to find that the Elf has been doing some decorating with some Elf Stickers. (These are special wall stickers of an Elf Home scene and I got these from The Range)

elf wall stickers

December 12th

Sticking with the sticker them and to get that little Elf out of a sticky situation (see what i did there ! (today the Elf has left the children some Christmas themed stickers for them to enjoy)

December 13th

Today the Elf has left the boys a letter to Santa kit each so that they can start to prepare their own Christmas Lists.

December 14th

Today the children wake up to find the Elf having a game of “Elf Snap” round the table with some of their other toys. (I got the Elf Snap game from The Range, but I have seen this available to buy in other stores).

elf snap

December 15th

As Christmas is now only just over a week away, it would appear the the Elf has been back to visit Santa. This time he has left snow spray art on the windows. (I got a Snowman snow spray and stencil kit from The Range for this)

December 16th

Oh dear, it would appear that the Elf has been upsetting the other toys again. To get their own back this time they have decided to freeze him “Elsa” style and the children come down to find him in a block of ice. (to do this, simply pop the Elf in an old ice cream cartoon or plastic cup and freeze it)

frozen elf

December 17th

Today the children wake to find the Elf has made himself a spot of breakfast. There is a bowl of spaghetti covered in syrup and sweets (as eaten by Buddy the Elf in the film of the same name. If you have this film you could leave this by the elf as well and then watch it together).

elf breakfast

December 18th

It would appear that the Elf has been forgiven by the toys as it would seem that they had a fun night together last night having snowball fights and building snowmen. (Use cotton wall balls or marshmallows for this… as a bit more of the snow spray)

snowball fight

December 19th

but then again maybe not, as this morning it would appear the other toys have trapped the Elf under a glass and he is holding onto a “Help” sign!

December 20th

The Elf has clearly been playing games last night. He is holding onto a candy cane and using it like a hockey stick and there are little cotton wool balls all around him.

December 21st

It would appear that the Elf went back to visit Santa again last night and with him he brought home a snowman friend. Unfortunately however, the snowman has melted! leave a bowl with some  water, arm twigs, raisin eyes and a carrot nose in for what “was” the snowman.

December 22nd

It looks like Elf was hungry in the night and went on the hunt for some cookies, however, he got the wrong ones! leave out some pet biscuits or such like and a note from the Elf that states that they are the “worst cookies ever and do NOT leave them for Santa”

December 23rd

The boys wake up to find the Elf taking a bath! put the elf in a dish and fill with cotton wool balls and glitter and make him a little towel for his head and another one for when he gets out of the bath.

elf bath

Christmas Eve

As the Elf needs to go back to the North Pole today to go and help Santa, he has left the boys a very special breakfast with party table wear of Christmas plates, cups, napkins and crackers. (I actually brought all of these bits in the January sales last year, but you can pick these up cheaply enough). Breakfast should be full of all the things the boys like to eat and drink like a little party and with a little note from the Elf thanking the Family for letting him come and stay.


And then folks, that’s a wrap!

Go and have yourselves a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS xxxxxxxx


Sally xx

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