Cupid Box Dates

You know what its like, you both lead busy lives, and by the time you’ve fed, bathed and put the kids to bed, all you feel like doing is flopping down on the sofa with a movie and perhaps a cheeky glass of wine. Neither of you can really summon up the energy to turn the evening into a “Date Night” , its far too much effort isn’t it!


Well, it used to be until I discovered Cupid Box Dates. Every month they will send you a box filled with all the essentials to make at home Date Nights as stress free and therefore as enjoyable as possible. They take all the hassle out of it for you leaving you just to simply have fun and enjoy.

We were kindly sent one of Cupid Box’s Date Night boxes to try in exchange for this review. This is what we thought.

Firstly, I was surprised at the level of and attention to detail that had gone into creating the box. The theme for the box we were sent was Paris. It had a map of the city, french phrases, ideas, date plans and activities all included. There was nothing that hadn’t been thought of.

We practised the “Language of Love” and gave each other French nicknames whilst we enjoyed eating French Crepes (included). We lit a delicious smelling candle called “Midnight” (included) and we completed the fun tasks of a dot to dot Mona Lisa which we then painted (paints, brushes and pallette all included) as well as building a 3-D model puzzle of the Notre Dame!(once again included).


Overall, we had amazing good fun and we laughed and joked so much instead of just falling asleep in front of the TV as per usual.

I think these Date Night boxes are a fab idea as they are delivered direct to your front door with everything included for you to have a fun-filled date night in the comfort of your own home.

When you’ve got young children, busy lives and not much spare money to spend on going out, these would seem to be the perfect solution.

Thanks so much to Cupid Box Dates for letting us review your product. We had an absolute blast!

If you would like more information on Cupid Box then please head over to their website HERE

Sally xx

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