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So, as some of you may already be aware, I’ve been using the Josh Wood Colour at home colouring system for some time now and  I was delighted when I was recently invited to the London Atelier for a one on one day of professional expert advice and pampering.

Now it’s no secret that I have one or two grey hairs here and there and that I like to banish them away! To help me in this quest, I love the JWC at home dyes above all others because, well because these are like having a professional salon treatment, yet in the comfort of your own home. There’s something extra about them that makes them feel so much more indulgent and special than the usual off the shelf brands.

First things first, you need to discover what your perfect shade is. There’s no need for dodgy guess work where the JWC Home Colouring Systems are concerned (I mean we’re all guilty of grabbing the wrong colour off the supermarket shelf from time to time and ending up with less than ideal looking hair right)! To find the perfect shade with JWC is so simple, all you have to do is either attend at the Atelier in person or undertake an ultra easy-peasy online consultation to help determine the shade that is perfect just for you. Simples!


When you first receive your at home colouring kit you’ll notice that this is unlike any other home hair colouring kit that you’ve tried before. There’s several extras in the box that I’m certain you won’t have come across before such as a Protective Barrier Cream and a Stain Removing wipe. This at home dye is so easy to use it literally is idiot proof! It will give you the ultimate glossy, healthy looking perfectly even, natural looking colour that you crave without the mess and the embarrassing tell-tale signs of dye stains on your forehead and ears! (we’ve all been there haven’t we)!


I’m a total convert to the Josh Wood Colour System and I  honestly wouldn’t trust anyone else with my colour now. To keep my colour looking fresh and vibrant and my hair in tip top condition, I take care of my colour with the JWC specially designed Shampoo and Conditioner. These are available in blonde and brunette for fine or frizz prone hair. If like me you’re a little bit of both, then these can be mixed and matched. For example my combination is the brunette shampoo for fine hair and the brunette conditioner for frizz prone hair. Both products boost shine and prevent colour fade with expert colour care complex containing quinoa extract, green walnut and advanced UV filters. For that extra pampering treat, I also like to indulge in a little bit of me time once a week with the Every Thing Mask, which really is the ultimate in hair luxury in a bottle. It boosts shine and helps to prevent fade. It can be used on freshly coloured hair to lock in colour for longer or to boost the longevity of your colour by using as a deep conditioning treatment.  Further this Mask can be mixed with a JWC Shade Shot. The Shade Shot is the hailed as being the “Expert Colourists Biggest Secret”. You simply mix the Shade shot with the Everything Mask to create a semi-permanent gloss that refreshes your colour and adds shine. The Colour Shots are available or blondes and brunettes and come in options to either “Warm Up” or “Cool Down” your colour. The Warm up shot adds velvety warmth to soften and enrich my brown hair while the Cool Me Down shot is a smoky brown to cool off my colour and reduce red tones.

So that’s your hair coloured and maintained, but what if your roots are starting to show and your in a bit of a rush as we often all are in this busy modern world. Well fear not folks as Josh has you covered here too with several options available! I’ve tried them all and here’s a little summary of my thoughts on each.

First up, there’s the Root Marker which is a pencil that you simply “draw” onto your stray greys. its perfect if you just have one or two greys showing through. You use this on dry hair and simply lift your hair away from the scalp and colour over the greys. This Root Marker can also be used on eyebrows.  I like this product as a really good touch up and its ideal when you first notice the odd little grey showing through.

Next is the root Blending Brush. This is a bit like a make-up brush. the brush pen is pre-loaded with a temporary dye. You simply shake and click the pen to draw some dye onto the brush and then paint onto your roots. I really like the Blending Brush and find it to be the perfect solution when your roots are starting to show. After washing my hair as normal,  simply apply some colour to my roots with the brush starting where the colour is needed most and then dry and style as normal. The result is a seemless colour and all greys are completely hidden. The beauty is that this touch me up will also last until you next wash your hair!

The Root Smudger, is very similar to the Blending Brush in that it basically does the same job, but this comes with a sponge applicator instead of a brush, the result being a much denser colour so this is best suited if you have quite a lot of root regrowth to conceal.

Finally, turning now to the Tinted Dry Shampoo spray. This is perfect for when your out and about and on the go. There’s no need to use on damp hair or  to dry and style in like some of the products mentioned above which are best used at home. With the Tinted Dry Shampoo you simply hold the can 15cm away from your hair and “Spray away the Grey” Its the perfect hand bag accessory for always having amazing looking hair on the go. Not only does it conceal those greys, but it also freshens lifeless hair and smells amazing.


I personally use all of these products for different stages of regrowth. I used the Root Marker for the touch up of the odd grey here or there, the Blending Brush for temple regrowth, the Root Smudger for when I really need my roots to be re-coloured, but there simply isn’t enough hours in the day and the Tinted Dry Shampoo for that instant pick me up.

All of these products are available to buy direct from Josh Wood Colour online linked HERE or are also available to purchase from BOOTS.COM

Well, that’s it from me for now, I’m off to go and swish my hair around some more!!



Lots of Love

Sally xx

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