Skinny Tan Review

Well, its been one long, hot summer hasn’t it!! I must admit I’ve loved every second of it enjoying the sunshine with my boys.

Like everyone, I crave that golden glow of the perfect tan, however, I know the harsh and very real dangers that the sun can pose so I’ve always been a “fake it to make it” kinda gal. Over the years I’ve tried most brands that are on the market and recently I was lucky enough to be sent a bundle of Skinny Tan products for me to test and review. This is a brand that I had never tried before so I was excited to see what all the fuss was about.

The products I was sent were:-

  1.  Bum Booster Cream
  2. Body Glow lotion
  3. Express Mouse 1 Hour Tan
  4. Gradual Tanner Lotion
  5. Instant Tanner Shimmer
  6. After Glow Gloss
  7. Sponge Roller applicator and refills.


I will deal with each product in turn:-

Bum Booster  Cream

Bum Booster is not tanner, but is an active hydrating body butter packed full of  Guarana, Brazillian Acai, Capuacu and amazing Creatine to help promote circulation plus naturally derived skin smoothing oils to help keep the skin looking smooth and feeling soft.

When this product was launched a few weeks ago, it sold out within 2 days!!

So is all the fuss and hype surrounding this product warranted? in a word, yes!

I’ve got to admit that I absolutely loved the Bum Booster. I was skeptical at first as I’d tried other products over the years that had promised me great results and I’d been left disappointed but not with Bum Booster! It smells absolutely divine like a mix of coconuts and chocolate with a hint of flower scent to it, and it left my skin feeling amazingly soft and smooth.

The only downside I found to this product is that it is quite runny in consistency so you have to be a little careful when applying and also when rubbing it in, make sure you follow the instructions and massage in circular movements for better absorption.


Body Glow Lotion 

Now, this little beauty has now become one of my absolute firm favourites.  When this product was initially launched it sold out within 36 hours of release and I can totally understand why!

The energising skin blur is an all over rich body conditioning cream that uses powerful naturally derived ingredients to help visibly reduce the appearance of blemishes and skin flaws. Its like an “Instagram filter right there on your skin”.

Its really easy to apply and has a gradual light tanner in it together with Guarana, Acai and Capuacu to help promote circulation plus natural derived skin smoothing oils.

Well, duh yeah I loved this product. It has a light tan colour to it so it immediately makes your skin look like you’ve got that healthy glow and OMG it is honestly the nicest all over body lotion I have ever used in my life. It goes on so easily and my skin felt absolutely amazing. You know the kind of amazing where you have to keep rubbing your feet against fabric as they feel so incredibly soft and smooth?? erm, nope that’s just me then…… bit awkard, but hey you get what I’m saying.

The Body Glow also has the same amazing scent of coconuts, chocolate and flowers and the gorgeous scent that you are smothered in lasts too, so you can smell that lush all day long.

The only downside I found to this product was again with regard to its consistency. It was quite runny and i did manage to flick it about a bit whilst applying so my advice as with all self tanning products is to put an old towel down first to protect your carpets.


Express Mousse 1 Hour Tan and Body Roller

Want an amazing all over glow in a hurry? then this is the product for you. You apply it and within as little as one hour you’ve got yourself an all over, streak free,  flawless medium tan. If you want to go darker, then simply leave it on for longer.

The Express Mousse is made with 95% naturally derived ingredients with an instant bronzer. It is Paraben free, Sulfate free, there’s no animal testing involved and it is also Vegan friendly.

I exfoliated all over (as we all know preparation is the ultimate key to the perfect tan right) and then I applied the Mousse with the body roller. Now I’d never used a body roller before, instead always having used the mitt. Apart from feeling that I was emulsioning the walls, I’ve got to say that these body rollers are “Da Bomb”!! they make applying your tan so easy, literally idiot proof… I had an all over streak free tan within one hour…….

…… although I must admit I fancied going a bit darker so I left it on all day without washing it off!! It was still a perfect streak free tan though and bonus is I had skin the colour as if I’d spent a month on the Gold Coast.

What I loved most about this product (apart from how quick and easy it is to apply and the and the streak free result of course) was its scent. As with most self tanning products, it has a lovely scent when you first start applying it, the difference with Skinny Tan is that this scent lasts. It does not like all the others turn into that disgusting iron metallic type smell that I hate so much and which has in fact out me off using self tanning products in the past.

When I washed the tanner off later on ( a good three hours or more) I still had a wonderful colour to me and no fake tan stink… WIN!


Gradual Tanner Lotion

This is a white body butter cream made with 99% naturally derived ingredients but with lower levels of tanning so it can be layered up gradually (funnily enough as the name would suggest….)

Its paraben and sulfate free, not tested on animals and again is Vegan friendly too.

I used this product on my face and yeah it was good. Honestly, I don’t think this one makes it onto my favourites list though. My reasoning being I guess is because there were no quick fix results with it and the level of tanning was very subtle. But if this is what you are after or if you are new to the self tanning products game, then I would suggest that this is the one for you.

In its favour, it is a lovely thick body butter that left my skin feeling wonderfully soft and smooth, it was very easy to apply and it had a lovely scent to it.


Instant Tanner Shimmer

Skinny Tan describe this as “the perfect make up for those that want to appear tanned in an instant, but that also want to wash it away after a night out”.

This product contains no actual tanners and should be used like make-up.

Personally though, I liked to use this product to give me that “topped up” look when going out. I used it on my legs and my face and I loved how it gave me a gorgeous shimmery sparkle on top of my golden glow.  Why save the sparkle for the night time only, I like to sparkle and shine wherever I go!



After Glow Gloss

Now this product, erm well its intended to be an after glow gloss isn’t it!

Ok, let me explain, you know you see models and celebrities on the red carpet and they’ve all got these gorgeous limbs on display that are golden and glossy looking, reflecting the pop of he paparazzi cameras, well its probably a safe bet that they applying themselves a little bit of After Glow Gloss.

So, if you too want that red carpet look, well simply apply a small amount of this to certain areas such as your shins and collar bone and you too will look every inch of tanned and glossy perfection.

Be warned though, use too much and you’ll end up looking like a bit of a sweaty mess who has just run the London Marathon in record time!


Sponge Roller Applicator and Refills

Now, I’ve predominantly dealt with this product within the “Express Mousse” review but I will add here more about what these actually are.

The roller is strong and ergonomically designed to roll on your tan evenly and easily and at record speed even in those hard to reach places.

As said previously, I’d never used one of these before and that it did feel a little bit like I was doing the painting, but once I got over that, I saw the advantages to such a tool. Using a roller really does give you an over-all streak free tan and if you’re pushed for time (as I always am) then its a must. The Roller will definitely be staying with me.


Well, I think that’s it folks. I hope you enjoyed reading my review of the Skinny Tan products and if on the basis of this review you decide to give them a go for yourself, then I hope that you will be just as pleased with the results as I am.

Skinny Tan are always promoting some amazing package deals so do go and check out their website (link to site at top of review) to see which ones tempt you. I really want to try the New Coconut Water Tanning Mist next…..

Finally a big Thank You to Skinny Tan for gifting me these products in return for my honest review.



Sally xx



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