Recently we were sent some product samples to try from Jelly Works

Jelly Work specialises in “First Aid Kits for Injured Kids”. As these products are geared towards children you will find all things first aid related in a range of fun characters from Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, Minions and Hello Kitty.

The items were were sent to review were :-

  • a mulit pack of Paw Patrol Platsters
  • a multi pack of Peppa Pig Plasters
  • a multi pack of Minion Plasters
  • a Peppa Pig First Aid Kit
  • a Paw Patrol First Aid Kit

Now, I obviously don’t need to tell you what a multi pack of plasters contains as I would hope the description alone makes this pretty apparent! What I would say though is that each pack comes with a variety of different designs on different shapes and sizes. A firm favourite for us was the large Minion plaster which instead of being just a rectangular shape is in fact shaped just like a Minion!

The product I liked the most though was the First Aid Kits. I would recommend these to any parent of young children. It comes in a little resealable foil pouch and is the perfect size for throwing in a handbag, changing bag or child’s backpack.

The kits themselves contain all of the essentials you may need should your child have an injury. Each kit contains:-

  • Assorted size plasters
  • Cleaning Wipes
  • A pair tweezers
  • Dressing pads
  • Forehead Thermometer
  • Reward Stickers

We took these First Aid Kits away with us on our recent holiday and thank goodness we did! What with the amount of bumps and scrapes Rudy endured by falling over and Beaus burns from the adventure park slides, they were invaluable. Also when Beau was struck down with a bug, I had my handy little thermometer to be able to check for fever and then was Sonny’s sore feet where he rubbed blisters from sand rubbing in his shoes. I also found the reward stickers worked really well, especially for the little ones. You know what its like, they hurt themselves, but they really don’t want you to tend to the wound for fear of it hurting even more, so a reward sticker really helps with this.


As well as fun character plasters and First Aid Kits, Jelly works also produce fun Bruise Soothers,digital thermometers, fun sticky felts to decorate plasters,  and multi packs of Hand and Face Wipes which are free from dyes, parabens, fragrances and sulfates.

Jelly Works products range from £1.95 for a bruise soother up to £4.99 for a digital theromometer.

Jelly Works products are available to buy now from

IMG_0125 (1).JPG

*Please note that we were sent these product samples free of charge in free for our honest review.

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