Tent 2 Hire

You’ll be aware from my recent Post concerning our stay at the Woodlands Festival, that we embraced the whole Festival vibe and camped out under canvas for the duration of our stay.

The tent we stayed in was from a company called Tent2Hire

In my opinion, Tent 2 Hire are an absolute Festival lifesaver and as such, I thought it would be helpful if I gave you guys a little more insight into what this company can offer.

So, the story goes like this, we were going to the Woodlands Festival, but we didn’t have a tent. So what were we going to do? spend a fortune on buying one? beg or borrow one off someone? of course these were options, but it would also mean packing enough equipment into the family truckster to fully equip a Mount Everest expedition for just two nights away. That’s when we found the solution to all our problems with Tents 2 Hire.

Tents 2 Hire do exactly what its says on the tin, they hire tents! There’s a wide selection of tents to chose from to suit individuals and couples up to large family groups.

We opted for the Vango Iris 600 medium sized tent which says it is suitable for four to six persons. As we were going as a party of two adults and two children this suited us perfectly.


Prior to our arrival, I had liased with the hire company and had arranged for some extra accessories to be included in our tent mainly a double and two single mattresses and a camping table and four chairs.

Booking your tent is so easy, its all done via an online booking system which is so clear and user friendly. You select your tent choice and any addition extras you require and they give you a quote for the price. The extras to chose from include everything imaginable to make your stay away as comfortable as possible.

Not only is the booking system easy, but so is everything else!! we arrived on site quite late at night and we were shown to our allotted tent. Everything was set up and ready to go no messing about. We set up the mattresses and our own bedding and that was it.. all done!!

This in itself has probably saved quite a lot of marriages (mine included). You can just imagine arriving late at night, two tired young children in tow, a grumpy husband because as you as co-driver, sent him down the wrong road which in turn sent you several miles out of where you wanted to be……… everyone a bit fraught and then having to fathom out how to put a tent together in the dark……….. well, I think we all know how that one would of gone down don’t we!!!!!

As we’d arrived quite late we didn’t really have the time to have a good look around the tent, but the next morning we were really rather pleasantly surprised to note the size and space it gave us.  Usually we thought that tents which say they sleep 4-6 people comfortably really only sleep 4 comfortably and 6 at a squeeze, but this tent could easily accommodate six people.

There was the sleeping quarters that could be separated from the living quarters, and again we were surprised how spacious the living quarters were. We were envisioning this to be a small space to store your stuff and take your shoes off in, but no there was easily enough room in here for all of our belongings and plenty of space of our camping table and chairs!

Our stay in the Vango Iris 600 tent was extremely comfortable. We all slept amazing well and were warm and dry. No moisture seeping up though the ground here.

If you’re camping over this Festival season then I would seriously recommend you look into Tents 2 Hire to take care of your camping needs and to take all of the stress out of it for you.

Sally xxxx

*Please note that we were provided the Vango Iris 600 tent and camping accessories  by Tent2Hireat no charge to ourselves on the basis of this collaborative review. All of the opinions contained herein are expressly my own.

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