Party Time…..

Well, this week saw my baby boy turn 2!!! while Mummy may not have been quite ready to face the fact and have her baby be so grown up, I knew I had to face the music and celebrate the momentous occasion. Every birthday deserves to be celebrated and you know how I love to decorate and celebrate all occasions!

So organising a birthday to remember for Sonny was a go. Now as he was only going to be two, I knew from the very start that this was only going to be a small intimate affair. Sonny is my third child and I’ve learnt from past experience that little ones of this age are just simply overwhelmed by anything on too grand or too large a scale. There’s no point in hiring a hall and inviting 100 people if the birthday boy is not going to enjoy it is there. Also, there will be plenty of time for big shin digs as they get older. Indeed, the older of my three is already telling me what he wants to have at his birthday party and its not until March!

So back to Sonny’s 2nd birthday, well first up  was the cake. Whats any birthday party without a cake huh. Now, as a child, my mum always used to make my birthday cakes so I’ve always felt it really important that I do likewise. There’s something about making your child’s birthday cake that makes you feel like a real Mummy. Many of you will be aware that Sonny is in fact allergic to cows milk so therefore making a cake for him can be a little more of a challenge than making a standard cake.


I don’t find this to be too much of an issue though, just substitute ordinary butter for dairy free (I find Flora dairy free to be especially good). So I baked a vanilla sponge cake and filled with dairy free butter cream and Sonny’s favourite strawberry jam. I then covered in dairy free ombre coloured icing and decorated with home made meringue kisses and piped icing stars. I had wanted to get Sonny a personalised cake topper, however, the company that had agreed to provide this to me, then let me down at the last minute…. fortunately though I was able to source some standard “Happy Birthday” cake toppers on eBay in a silver glitter. I paid £5 and thought I was just getting one, however when they arrived there was 20 of them so I’m well set up for several birthdays to come.


I also made some assorted cupcakes, well we like cake in this house and I decorated these with cute little number 2 and star toppers in a baby blue colour. I brought these on eBay  linked here for £3.49

Next up there was the party decorations to think of. Now I love to go all out with the decorations and I was thrilled when I found a company on Amazon that provided a kit for £13.99 that literally contained everything I wanted. Inside the kit I got 10 metallic balloons, 6 assorted paper fans, 4 paper pompoms, one large Happy Birthday banner, one star garland and one paper tassel garland. All  in all blooming good value I’d say. You can find a link Here


I also brought an “I am Two” banner on eBay linked here This was £4.75 and again I think that this was a really good buy.

One of my favourite decoration buys though was a Happy Birthday balloon again from eBay. This was huge and I was amazed that it only cost £2.50!


Sonny’s (and the older boys) faces were an absolute picture as we walked downstairs on the morning of the big day all of us singing Happy Birthday. They absolutely loved all of the decorations and I really do think that just by hanging some balloons and banners that it really does help to make the day feel so much more special. You’ve not got to spend a fortune, as proven here, just make the effort.

Daddy also went an brought some decorations. Now these didn’t exactly fit in with my Baby Blue “theme”, but I’ve got to say I was rather impressed with the giant personalised balloon that was bigger than Sonny. All of the items in the picture below were brought from The Card Factory. The giant balloon was a bargain £5.


For the party tea table, I sourced some gorgeous baby blue and metallic gold polka dot plates and napkins from a shop in Brighton and they can also be found on eBay.


Of course the absolute main attraction of the party was the birthday Boy himself and he looked every inch of perfection in his custom made number 2 star print T-shirt from Stripe and Shine Kate at Stripe and Shine does loads of different designs for children and ladies and is also able to do custom designs. Go and check her out.


Sonny’s gorgeous party hat was made for him by Party Hat Designs   I’m just so in love with this hat! Not only is it super cute, but its also really good quality and withstood a lot of being pulled around  and being thrown by Sonny and it still looks fab. Its a very good quality if you’re looking for a party hat for a four legged furry friend who they also make special hats and crowns for!


Overall Sonny and the rest of our family had the most amazing day celebrating a very special little boy on his very special 2nd Birthday.


I still have all of the decorations up and I will keep them up for a week. I tell myself its because the kids love it, but who am I kidding, its me!!!


Sally xx

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