So Shape Paris

So what is So Shape?

So Shape is a new meal replacement diet that is hitting the shores of Great Britain from Paris. I’ve seen several blogger  reviews and posts on Social Media all raving about this new product and so as such, when So Shape contacted me and asked me if I’d be willing to trial their product in return for an honest review, I thought why not!

Now, I’m not one to usually enter into such things, considering them to be somewhat of a fad. However, I have noticed that since the birth of my last baby, that I am having a little bit more trouble shifting the old “Mum Tum” this time so I thought I’d give in a whirl. After all what did I have to lose… apart from the Mum Tum hopefully!!!

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So how does So Shape Work?

There are 3 different plans that you can sign up for:-

  • The Reboot Plan  (which is 10 replacement meals over 5 days)
  • The Remove Plan (which is a meal replacement for 14 days) and;
  • The Reborn Plan (which is a meal replacement program for 28 days)

I opted to go for the Reboot Plan as to be perfectly honest with you, I couldn’t see myself being able to stick to any sort of plan for any longer than that. I love my food and cooking and I must admit that even deciding to trial this plan, already felt that I was trying to punish myself in some way. I definitely needed convincing as to its merits!

The way to Order is simple, you just make your flavour choices online, and So Shape then send the meals direct to your door along with a water fruit infuser and a Plan Guide.

The Plan thereafter is quite simple, you eat one of the smart meals for breakfast and then another one for dinner.  For lunch, you’re free to enjoy a lunch of your choice as you normally would. However, you must exercise some degree of common sense with this as if you eat a family size triple cheese, stuffed crust pizza for lunch every day, well then your results aren’t going to be too great are they!

In the morning I’d get up and start my day with either a hot or cold Smart Meal drink from the selection I’d ordered.. There is an extensive flavour selection to choose from  such as of Cookies and Cream, Cappuccino and Raspberry Frappe and with so much choice, I found I didn’t find the Smart Meals to be repetitive. The Meals are easy to prepare, just add water and either heat up in the microwave or add cold water and give them a shake to mix. To me it was just like mixing baby formula and well, I’m a bit of a pro at that!

For lunch I would generally prepare myself a sandwich or a salad and I must admit, I liked the option of being able to still eat what I fancied during the day within reason.

For Dinner  The main courses are either meals or soups. I opted for French Garden Soup, Curry Pasta and Spicy Bolagnaise.   The meals were sufficiently different to one another that I didn’t find I was getting too fed up of them.  I sometimes added some steamed vegetables or salad  to these too and I think this really helped me feel like I was having a proper meal.



I must admit that I found it quite hard to give up fruit which is not allowed on the plan. This is because fruit has a high sugar content which adversely affects the overall effectiveness of the Smart Meals. Steamed veggies and salads are allowed, but being quite a big fruit eater, I did find this aspect of the plan quite hard.

Now, I’m not one of these people who generally snacks in between meals per se, but should you find yourself still feeling peckish, So Shape provide  a list of recommended ‘open foods’ in their user Guide. These Open Foods can either be used as a side dish to a meal. Or one option that I did enjoy was having a 0% fat yogurt with a little mixed herbs in, which I would then dip various chopped veggies into when I felt like I needed a little something to keep me going (generally whilst prepping or cooking food for the children or husband).

My Overall Feelings of the Plan…

I liked the fact that all of the meal options are vegetarian, there are no preservatives, that they are free from GMO’s and that they are all gluten-free.

The Smart Meals are packed with vitamins, iron and magnesium and as such I felt that they gave me a real energy boost when I had assumed I’d probably be feeling more sluggish than usual due to the fact that sugar had been cut from my diet.Even though the meals aren’t high in calories, they definitely gave me a feeling of being full.

I a full time Mummy to three little boys and I appreciated that the meals are easy to prepare and transport out and about.

Tea and coffee is allowed on the plan which is great however, no sugar is allowed and this can take a bit of getting used to. I really don’t like tea and coffee without sugar so I found myself not really having these and I really missed my morning coffee!

The Plan encourages you to drink, drink and drink more water. I’ll admit I’m not very good at drinking enough water, but I really enjoyed the infuser on the bottle and adding fruits and mint leaves made drinking more water a lot more pleasurable.



Some of the Smart Meals I enjoyed more than others. The first one I tried was a white chocolate and vanilla shake. I found this to be really too sweet and sickly and ended up making me feel a bit queasy. I loved the cookies and cream shake though, this one was just right!

Also I wasn’t keen on the French Garden soup. I found this is be bland and floury tasting, but I did enjoy the pasta bolagnaise. Also quite a few of the Smart Meals, had quite a bit of oats or grains or such like in them, I guess for fibre and nutrition, however, if you aren’t expecting this as I wasn’t, this can be a little off-putting at first.

I also found it really hard to be cooking an evening meal for my children and husband and not being able to eat with them as well. As such, sometimes, I  would swap my lunch time food for a Smart Meal and then have a proper dinner with my family.  I actually found this a lot easier to cope with, but this is not what is recommended by the Plan.  I stuck to the Plan for my designated 5 days, but I didn’t find this to be totally easy. It honestly took determination for me to maintain and stick with it.

Overall, I felt that the plan wasn’t for me. I struggled and I really don’t think I’d be able to sustain or maintain a 14 day plan, let alone a 28 day one. I think that my body confidence is more in my mind that in how I actually look and perhaps that’s what I need to actually work on more!

The Results

After my 5 days was up, I felt quite good. I felt I had energy and pretty good within myself. Admittedly I couldn’t wait to order a takeaway and crack open a bottle of wine, and these felt like a real treat after five whole days of being well behaved!!!! (I know, I know)….

Did the Plan work though? well after 5 days, there wasn’t going to be any major changes and I realised this from the start. I did manage to loose a couple of pounds, but I can’t say whether I would of shed these if I’d simply just been more sensible with my diet.

I think that if you are going to try this Plan for yourself, to enable you to get results, then you have got to be 100% committed to the cause. If you are prepared to put in the work, then I believe that you will see results whilst using SO SHAPE

Sally xx

*Please note that I was sent the Reboot Plan from So Shape Paris in return for my honest review. All of the opinions and photographs contained herein are entirely my own.

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