Proper Little Boy shoes….

When it comes to your little ones growing feet, I think it is imperative that you buy shoes that are the correct fit, are practical and are comfortable all at the same time. I do not believe in buying ill-fitting shoes for my boys just because they are cheap. I really do believe that you can’t be too careful with children’s shoes and a correct and comfortable fit is everything.  Previously I had been a loyal Clarks customer, but when Chipmunks Footwear contacted me and asked if I would like to trial and review their shoes, I was keen to see what they had to offer.

Chipmunks asked me to peruse their website and to choose the boys some shoes that I felt would be most suited to them. With summer on the way, I decided to order both Rudy and Sonny some of their summer sandals.

Both boys had the same design of the “Noah” boys sandal. Rudy’s in Navy blue and Sonny’s in red leather.


Upon arrival of the sandals, the first thing I noticed was the quality and overall sturdiness of the design. The shoes have a thick rubber sole with good grip which means that they add comfort and stability for little ones when they are running around, unlike many other sandals that I have come across over the years which have had a tendency to be somewhat flimsy.  Another aspect of the sandals that I loved was the cushion padding around the ankle which offered delicate little feet extra comfort and protection.


Upon first wear, the boys were running around with no issue of rubbing or ill-fitting at all. The shoes fasten with a velcro tab which means that wider or slimmer feet are both accommodated in the same design. They are easy to put on and off which is also a bonus when you’ve got excited little ones who are raring to go. Nothing worse than having to try and wrestle a toddler into a pair of lace-ups is there!


The other day, we took the boys about for a day out at a local park that had a sand pit. They were running around and playing in and out of the sand. It was a hot and sticky day and the boys obviously got sand in their shoes, but even in these circumstances there was no rubbing or red marks on the boys feet when I removed the sandals. They’re feet were cool and comfortable. Even on a long day out, constantly running around in heat all day, these shoes provided the boys with the practicality and comfort I would expect from a high-end shoe manufacturer. I am overall extremely impressed with the quality and durability of these sandals.


I love the fact that they are made of real leather and are of a traditional design. Proper Little Boy shoes as my Mum called them!


The only issue, and its not really an issue, is that my boys are both in 1/2 sizes at the moment so as such, I ordered the next size up. For instance Rudy is a 9 1/2 so I initially ordered a size 10. When the shoes arrived however, they were really much too big. I therefore exchanged them for the size down (9 1/2 down to a size 9) and found these to be the perfect fit. I would thereafter advise anyone ordering these shoes to bear in mind that Chipmunks like to provided plenty of growing room in their styles and that as such, you might with to consider sizing down.

Having said the above, I should also like to state at this point how helpful Chipmunks Customer Care was in relation to the exchange. This was completely hassle free and was dealt with by means of Freepost.

The boys and I totally love their new shoes and can’t wait for summer to properly arrive so that we can get some more wear out of them!


Sally x

*We were sent these shoes from Chipmunks Footwear for the purposes of this review, however I can confirm that all of the opinions expressed herein are entirely my own.

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