Will There Be Enough Love To Go Around?

When you have your first child you’re so totally all consumed with love for this tiny being, you’ve never known a love like it before. Its true what they say, it really is love at first sight and that love is totally unconditional; its the ultimate unbreakable bond between a mother and her baby.

So what happens when baby number 2 comes along? You may have wanted this baby for a while and this may be a dream about to become a reality, but there is still a nagging worry at the back of your mind that questions as to whether you’ll feel the same way about your second child as you did and indeed still do about your first.

You’ll also worry that once the second baby arrives that somehow you won’t be able to bond with them in the same way was you did with your first because of course, there will be two little peoples needs to address now. There will be no more lying around in your pyjamas all day, eating and feeding and sleeping like you did with your first as your first is most likely a toddler by now and needing every ounce of your attention. So just how is all this going to work out? How is this new addition going to fit into your family dynamic with everyone’s needs being met, but at the same time without making any excluded or neglected from Mummy?

You’ll will worry that as you don’t have all that one on one time with the baby that your bond will suffer and you will also worry that as you have a new baby to care for that your precious first born will somehow come to feel neglected.

Suddenly you find yourself in a bit of a panic. As the due date draws ever closer these thoughts will undoubtedly be at the back of you mind.

Then the big day arrives, by whatever means you bring your precious new baby earth side, you look into their little eyes and you’re overcome with that rush of unconditional love once more and you suddenly realise that its all going to ok.

However, you’ll soon realise that all that worry has been for nothing, as there is more than enough love to go around. A mother’s love knows no limits or bounds. Each new baby brings their own love with them.

When I introduced Beau to Rudy, the love was already there, he already adored him before he’d even met him. He had a little brother, a best mate for life.

When we came home from the hospital, I was hard pushed to remember a time when Rudy wasn’t in our lives, it was as if it was always meant to be. we were just waiting for him to come and join us.

And then when Sonny joined our family, well I had no such worries then and I knew that with each new baby, however impossible it may seem, my love just grows and grows!

So in summary, if you are pregnant with your second child or planning to have another, please don’t worry about whether you will be able to give your children enough of your love as there is ALWAYS enough love to go around.

Thanks for reading.


Sally xx

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