Decorating the Seasons …..

For so long, I felt like a fraud, like there was no need for me to decorate my home for every given occasion as after all I didn’t have any children so who exactly was I doing it for? I felt a bit silly putting up garlands, banners and balloons just for myself.

So when my dreams came true and I was finally able to have a baby to call my own, well then the flood gates were opened and it was no holds barred! All those years of regression of not feeling able to decorate for fun occasions and celebrations was now coming out in full force.

I’ve noticed recently that this is not everyone’s bag and you know what I’m ok with that, each to their own. Live and let live and all that. However, I’ve got say that I was little sad to read comments directed at people like me saying things like “they’re doing it to make others feel inferior” and “its all just for Instagram” and that the “world has gone mad decorating for every little occasion”.

Christmas in my house is a big deal, in fact a massive deal. If you’ve struggled with infertility or infant loss then you will know that Christmas time is really tough. Its all about the kids so when you have none, you feel that you shouldn’t go mad with the decorations that people may judge you wrongly for doing so or worse still pity you. So when my children finally came along, well I make sure that their Christmases are the most magical of childhood memories possible. My Mum once said that my lounge looked like a Santa’s Grotto 🙂 I’ll take that as a compliment x

And no its not only Christmas I decorate for I, of course, always decorate for birthdays, but also for Halloween, Valentines Day Mothers Day and Easter.

For Halloween, the whole family dress up and we decorate the house, take the children out trick or treating and welcome trick or treaters to our home. I put the decorations up about a week in advance and we always end the day with the special Halloween party tea together.

For Valentines Day (this is one I saw a lot of criticism over) we make paper heart garlands and then we buy the boys some Valentine’s sweeties and a balloon and I make them a personalised little card each. Why do I do this? Well, when I was growing up I had a friend who left home for the first time and on that Valentines Day, his mum sent him a little card with a hand written poem inside. I thought this was possibly the absolute epitome of true love and I vowed there and then that when I had children of my own that I would always send them a little personalised card on Valentines Day xx


Mothering Sunday, well once again, yes I decorate for this occasion! My Mum ,and Dad for that matter, always come over to our home for this day and we have a little tea party. I love having my boys with me and being able to spend the day with my Mum too, so this seems like the perfect thing to do to me.

Now Easter, I absolutely love Easter, its probably my most favourite occasion after Christmas. Now I am aware of the term “Instawanker” being bandied about with all the pictures of people displaying their Easter Trees complete with decorated eggs and the general feeling was that these sort of things were merely for impressing the virtual world. I can categorically say this is not the case with me. I have been decorating my home for Easter and inviting friends and family over for an Easter Sunday roast dinner and an Easter Egg hunt ever since I owned my own home, for some 18 years now!

Well, this is just me and this is what I like to do. Don’t like it then just move on. There’s no need to judge or pass assumptions on people is there!

Now if you’ll all excuse me though, I’ve got a Maypole that I need to erect in the back garden!


Sally x

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