The Spice Tailor …. a review

In my Family, we love to cook and I’m always keen to try and get the little ones to try new things. I was therefore delighted to be offered the opportunity to sample some culinary delights from the The Spice Tailor.


The products we were sent consisted of two cooking kits. One was for a  Classic Tarka Daal and the other for a Delicate Korma Curry.


What I loved most about these particular cooking kits is that they are not just simply a “sauce in a jar” kind of cooking but rather “proper cooking made easy” The Kits come in three simple steps to creating perfect, delicious meals every time.

The Delicate Korma Curry 

First off, I  did my prep work by dicing three chicken breasts and chopping a medium sized onion into large chunks.

In a pan I heated some oil and then added the packet containing the essential herbs and spices. I cooked these over a medium heat in the oil for around 20 second before adding the diced chicken and onions.

Once the chicken was browned I added in the second medium sized packet in the meal kit containing the base sauce. I stirred this in well making sure all of the contents were well coated.

Next up was to add the main sauce, stir in and leave to simmer until all of the contents of the pan were thoroughly cooked through.

With regard to the whole spices, you can either leave these in whilst cooking and spoon out at whatever point you wish before serving depending on taste, or alternatively, you can grind them up with a mortal and pestle for a more intense flavour. I decided to leave mine in for the cooking duration and remove just before serving.

The Classic Tarka Daal

Now, I must admit that this is a dish that I have never sampled before and as such as I was quite excited to try it! The pack claimed that it was “nutty, garlicky and comforting”….. hmm I was hungry!

Once again the kit came in three simple stages, the herbs and spices, the base sauce, and with the tarka daal, the third pouch was the lentil and sauce mix.

I heated the spices in a saucepan in a little oil just as I had done with the Korma and then I added in the base sauce. Once I had this simmering, I then removed the spices and added in the lentil mix. I also added a little water as per the instructions and then let the whole thing simmer for a while before serving.

A suggestion on the pack is also to stir in some fresh spinach to bulk the Tarka Daal out and make it more of a meal on its own. I didn’t on this occasions as I was intending it to be a side dish, but its certainly something I may try in the future.

I served my chicken Korma Curry and Tarka Daal  with Pilau Rice, Poppadums and Naan Breads.

I know this is a review and you may be thinking that I’m bound to sing its praises, but my word, I’ve got to say that this was honestly delicious!!!

The Korma Curry was flavoursome and really creamy which is something I think you rarely get with shop brought food of this nature. I usually find them to be rather bland and tasteless and this most certainly wasn’t the case here.

Now, the Tarka Daal, well this is now a new personal favourite! it was so delicious, I literally couldn’t get enough of it. Why have I never tried this before? It was just as it had claimed to be “comforting”. Comfort food at its absolute best. I really can’t wait to cook this dish again, but next time to make it the main event with Spinach in it as suggested.

As you can see, we all enjoyed our Saturday Night Fake-Away. Why not give it a go yourself, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with the results.


The Spice Tailor cooking kits were sent to us, but all of the opinions contained herein are entirely my own.

Sally x


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