LogoJoy Review

I was recently approached and asked to try out Logojoy’s logo maker facility.  I have considered producing a logo for myself for some time now, but to be honest, I didn’t really know where to start!

The package which I used was Logojoy’s Premium Package and which retails at $65 USD.

For my actual Logo, I really had no idea what I wanted apart from I wanted it to somehow reflect my Brand and what I am all about. Put like that, it makes it seem like rather a tall order!

The logo itself however, couldn’t have been more simpler to produce and was created within a few easy steps –
Firstly you  are asked to type in your business/brand name.
You then get asked to choose from a series of designs and styles to that they can determine your preferences and generate something similar for you.
Next its time to choose colour schemes. I went for blue and gold as I liked blue for the “3sons” element of my brand and I felt the gold type overlay gave my logo that extra edge to it.  I also choose to add in my brand slogan, but this is entirely optional.
The generator then came up with a series of logos for me to choose from which I could then edit further if I so wished.
This is my finished logo and I’ve got to say I’m rather pleased with how its turned out!


As an added extra to the Premium Package, you can also pay to have a social media package included which gives you your logo in a variety of sizes to suit Facebook , Instagram etc  and this option is an extra $9USD.

There are three LogoJoy packages to choose from, Basic which is $20,  Premium which is $65 and Enterprise which is $165.

What I enjoyed most about using Logojoy was that it was so simple and quick and easy to use. Literally in just a few clicks you are given your Logo with no faff and no fuss.

If you are considering making your personal Blog and Brand more professional then I would highly recommend that you go and check them out

Sally x

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