Bathroom Make over with Wall Genie

When we first purchased this house, I knew straight away that I really hated the bathroom and I mean I really hated it. I’d come from a Victorian house with a massive bathroom with wooden floors, marble tiled walls, a roll top bath and separate quadrant shower cubicle to a, quite frankly disgusting little hell hole!


Of course, I wanted to rip it out and get planning on the new bathroom right away, however, there was just one thing standing in my way. Well, I say one, but what I really mean is three and their names are Beau, Rudy and Sonny!! You see after moving to this house, all of my dreams had come true and I finally had my much longed for family. Now I wouldn’t change this for anything in the world, but what this did mean is that any money I’d managed to put aside for the bathroom soon went on other things that we needed for the babies instead. No regrets; just an explanation.

I still hated the bathroom and was getting fed up of having to look at its dated and tiredness on a daily basis. That was until I came across For the mere cost of £30.00 I was able to entirely transform the look and feel of this once tired and dated room into a place of calm and serenity once more. A place where I would want to indulge in a long hot bubble bath rather than an quick hose down!

Wall Genie provide tile stickers that quickly and easily cover up any existing tiles that you have. They are suitable for bathrooms and kitchens.

You have to make sure you have a clean and dry surface first free from grease and soap residue and I would recommend using sugar soap for this purpose. Once this is done your good to go. Simply peel of the backing, stick into the desired place and smooth down with a soft cloth or felt squeegee. If there are any bubbles or if you’ve not quite lined the tile sticker up correctly, you can remove it at this stage simply by peeling  it off and re-sticking.




Once your satisfied that everything is the correct order, Wall Genie recommend that you leave the stickers and the adhesive backing to settle for a period of 48 hours before you expose them to extreme heat or steam or cleaning products.

With regard to care and maintenance. This is simple, all you have to do is wipe over with warm soapy water as you would any normal tile.

I managed to completely transform the look and feel of my bathroom for a mere £30 and it was all completed while the baby napped in about 1/2 an hour.

I mean you really can’t lose can you! All I need to do now is find some new handles for the bathroom cabinet, a new mirror for the wall opposite the bath and a few pretty accessories…….Pinterest here I come!!!

You can browse the full range of Wall Genie products at and they are also on Facebook and Twitter.

I hope I’ve inspired you to take on your own mini makeover!

Sally x


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