Oh Butlins we love you!!!

Recently, we were lucky enough to enjoy our second stay at Butlins Bognor Regis. Now, it may not sound like the most glamourous location in the world for a family holiday, but if like me, you’ve got young children then it is an absolute must!

We decided to coincide our weekend away with Rudy’s third birthday. We didn’t tell the boys until the morning of our departure about our little trip away. Quite how I managed to pack enough luggage to last an army for a year without them noticing or suspecting anything was nothing short of a minor miracle.

When we broke the news over breakfast on the Friday morning, Beau was beside himself excited declaring that Butlins is his favourite place in the whole world. Needless to say we had no trouble getting the children washed and dressed and out the door that morning!

When we arrived at our hotel we were shown in by one of the Butlins Butlers who pointed us in the right direction of the check-in desk. Once checked in we headed to our room. The boys were thrilled that they had their own little room with twin beds and a television.

We had opted for a penthouse suite with sea views overlooking the fairground. In theory this sounded great, but in reality the height kind of terrified me. I wouldn’t let the children out on the balcony. It scared me bat sh*t crazy, so perhaps in hindsight not the best room choice for us.

That having been said, however, its not like we intended to spend much time in the room. No, we were at Butlins. This was going to be one action packed adventure of a weekend.

We literally dumped our bags and headed for the fairground where the boys loved going on all the rides. These (apart from the go karts) are all included in the price of your stay so you’ve not got to worry about paying for your little ones to go on the rides over and over again if that’s what they want.

Next stop was the arcades. Now I love the arcades and am a big fan of the old fashioned 2p machines. I’m literally addicted to these things!! especially as they are ticket machines. Seeing all those yellow tickets come spilling out made me feel like I’d won the jackpot. Little did I realise that about 10 of these golden yellow tickets probably has about the same monetary equivalent of 5p, but you know it was brilliant fun all the same.

That night, we ate out at Papa Johns pizza and hubby and I drank cocktails as obviously there was no worry about who was going to drive home that night. Bonus!

After dinner we went to the main stage area where they had a Queen tribute act performing. Queen is Beau’s absolute favourite band so he was totally in his element here and it was such a lovely sight to see. He was literally transfixed.

The next morning it was Rudy’s birthday and as a special treat we had arranged a birthday breakfast for him with the Butlins bears Billy and Bonnie. The table was decorated with balloons and banners and streamers and everyone sung happy birthday to him. It was very special for him. There was also a birthday cake, but following breakfast we were all a bit full up so we asked if they could send the cake over the American Diner where we had booked in to have dinner that night. Nothing was too much trouble. Every arrangement was taken care of.

After another amazing fun-filled day where Rudy got to meet his idols the Teletubies and the Mr Men and went on every fairground ride a million times, we went back to our hotel room and all got changed into our Halloween costumes (we were there over the Halloween weekend, so not as strange as that may initially sound). we had also arranged to have the boys faces painted. They looked brilliant.

We all then headed out for dinner. When we arrived we were amazed to see that the staff in the American Diner has once again decorated our table with balloons and banners and streamers. Rudy was thrilled. That night they had a live singer on as well so when they brought out Rudy’s birthday cake the whole restaurant sung along with the band for him. It was just a shame that we had to wake Rudy up for it and he was grumpy throughout! Its my party and I’ll cry if I wasn’t to indeed……

After dinner we went and watched the fireworks display and then we then went to another bar called Reds, where we were entertained by an amazing soul singer. The guy was literally amazing, so talented. Sonny went to sleep in his pram and Rudy fell asleep stretched out on two chairs with his coat under his head as a pillow. When the show was over, we simply carried Rudy back to our room and tucked our tired out little birthday boy in bed.

On our last day, Daddy took the boys swimming in the morning and then it was another day of fun and games at the fair, along with live shows being performed throughout the day.  We also managed to squeeze in a spot of bowling.

All too soon it was time to cash in our millions of yellow tickets that we had won at the arcades and choose our prizes and then it was sadly time to come home.

Beau said if he had a magic genie in a lamp, his wish would be to live at Butlins!

A sign of a good holiday is one where you are sad to leave and cant wait to come back again. Another sign is that within 6 minutes (I timed it) of us all being packed back up in our car again ready to come home, all three boys were completely passed out, fast asleep, exhausted, happy and content dreaming sweet dreams of the amazing time we’d had and the memories we had made.

if you ever get the chance to visit Butlins then I would highly recommend you do so.

Sally xx

The opinions expressed herein are entirely my own and this is not in any way a sponsored post or ad in association with Butlins.



2 thoughts on “Oh Butlins we love you!!!

    1. You should definitely go especially on a toddler weekend, these really are the most tremendous fun aimed at pre-schoolers which is quite rare to be honest with you. Most holiday parks seemed to aimed at the older ones so the little ones miss out, so I definitely think this is a must!!!


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