Anyone for Quoits ?…..

Recently, we were contacted by Big Game Hunters and asked if we would like to review one their garden games.

Now that Winter is fast approaching, I’m always looking for ideas and activities to do with the boys outside still. It might be getting colder, but that by no means that we can’t still venture out into the garden for a little bit of fresh air and exercise.

Big Game Hunters do a wide variety of garden games and entertainment to include, skittles, giant dominoes, boules,  lawn games such as snakes and ladders, giant jenga, giant connect four, throwing games such as garden darts and racing games to name but only a few very.

We were given the opportunity to trial and review the garden Quoits game.

This is essentially a wooden cross with numbers painted on it of 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25. By each number is a wooden pole. You are also supplied with a set of rope hoops. The aim of the game is throw your rope hoops over the wooden stakes and then add up your score. The player with the most points is the winner.


We played it whereby each player had three turns of throwing the hoops before the final scores were added up.

This game was a big success with the older two boys. Beau absolutely loved it having that competitive streak in him and it also proved to be a really fun way for him to gain valuable practice in his adding up and maths skills.

Rudy loved joining in as well, although we did of course makes things a little bit easier for him given that he is only three!

Sonny was a bit too young to join in properly, but he did enjoy being outside with his older siblings and running off with the hoops so that we had to chase him!

The cost of the garden quoits online is a very reasonable £10.99 and a link to the same can be found here; catalog/Garden_Quoits.html . For your money you get the wooden Quoits frame, five rope and wood weight throwing hoops and a handy carry bag.

The Quoits game is very easy to assemble coming with all the drill holes and screws already in place so literally it takes seconds to put together and your good to go. The bonus of this also being that it is just as easy to disassemble and store in the handy carry bag. So there is also the further possibility of being able to take the game with you and your family on days out such as for picnics or to the beach.

As I say my family and I have really enjoyed reviewing this game and I am sure that we will get plenty of use out of it.

Please do go and check out for yourselves as they really do stock a massive amount of garden and outdoor toys and games suitable for all ages from grandparents to toddlers. They also stock children’s wooden playhouses and climbing frames and trampolines if its that larger garden or outdoor item your after.


With Christmas fast approaching, I’m sure we all know someone in our lives who would appreciate some form of garden game as a gift. Ultimately, by buying a garden game as a gift you’re promoting not only getting everyone outside, but also quality time with the family. What’s not to love about that huh!

We were sent the garden quoits game from Big Game Hunters in return for an honest review of the same and the opinions expressed herein are entirely my own.


Sally x

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