Vegan Katsu Curry……..

I'm not sure if many of you are aware of this, but November is actually World Vegan Month. So what does being a Vegan entail? well, basically if you pledge to become a Vegan then you are making a lifestyle choice not to eat or drink any products coming from animals. So it is different… Continue reading Vegan Katsu Curry……..

Bathroom Make over with Wall Genie

When we first purchased this house, I knew straight away that I really hated the bathroom and I mean I really hated it. I'd come from a Victorian house with a massive bathroom with wooden floors, marble tiled walls, a roll top bath and separate quadrant shower cubicle to a, quite frankly disgusting little hell… Continue reading Bathroom Make over with Wall Genie

Oh Butlins we love you!!!

Recently, we were lucky enough to enjoy our second stay at Butlins Bognor Regis. Now, it may not sound like the most glamourous location in the world for a family holiday, but if like me, you've got young children then it is an absolute must! We decided to coincide our weekend away with Rudy's third… Continue reading Oh Butlins we love you!!!

Christmas Traditions and Decorations ……

Now, I like most people am a lover of all things Christmas. Now that doesn't mean you will see me putting the tree up in November or anything. Personally I think that's a bit crazy...... surely those who do are bored of Christmas by Christmas right? and neither do I watch all the Christmas movies… Continue reading Christmas Traditions and Decorations ……

Anyone for Quoits ?…..

Recently, we were contacted by Big Game Hunters and asked if we would like to review one their garden games. Now that Winter is fast approaching, I'm always looking for ideas and activities to do with the boys outside still. It might be getting colder, but that by no means that we can't still venture… Continue reading Anyone for Quoits ?…..