Half Term Halloween Fun

I’m so excited that its half term already. It not for anything else, than we don’t all have to rush about like headless chickens in the morning trying to get ourselves up, ready and out the door. We get to live slow, enjoy life and just do whatever we please.

Added into this already perfect scenario is the fun of Halloween. Now I’ve always been a fan of the spook fest holiday and Beau declared recently that he likes Halloween even better than Christmas!! I think his decision may largely be based upon the fact he gets to dress up in Halloween costumes……. and all the sweets. Once its over though, Christmas will no doubt become his favourite holiday……


Now, I’ve got all the children at home for the week, so just what are we going to do with ourselves? We’ve already gone and picked our pumpkins which despite the latest craze, is a long standing family tradition for us. in fact, I think it was the Pumpkin carrying that caused me to go into labour with Rudy!!

Firstly we will decorate the house, I love having the house decorated for Halloween,  I think its important for the children to be allowed to enjoy the fun and excitement for more than just one day. Therefore, on the first day of the half term holiday, we decorate the house. This is usually about a week before the big day.

On the next day, we make Halloween crafts such as cupcakes and biscuits and gruesome worm jelly!

Of course, there’s the pumpkins to be carved and I am a big believer in letting the children have as much input into this as is reasonably safe.


There’s the Halloween movies on the television to enjoy and of course all the sweets and treats!!

On the actual day itself, we all dress up in our costumes as a family and head out Trick or Treating and we also welcome the same to our own front door and we are always well stocked up with treats.

For our Halloween dinner we always have a spooky meal of something fun such as Mummy Hot Dogs or Hot dog fingers or perhaps Halloween Pizza and the table is decorated with a Halloween tablecloth, plates, cups etc.

Some people may say that Halloween is just another excuse for commercialism and that we’ve become “Americanised” in this country, but I for one say, good! There’s not always a lot of fun in this world with all the tragedy that occurs daily, so lets enjoy these moments huh. Lets let our children be little and make amazing childhood memories from these traditions to pass onto their own children one day x

Mother and 3 Sons xxx

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