Kokoso Baby Pure, Natural and oh-so Gentle…….

Now its no secret to those of you who know me or have followed me for a while, that I am a big fan of KOKOSO BABY pure coconut oil. Its a multitasking wonder oil, that can be used for literally anything and everything.

I liked using it to massage into my new born babies skin following his bath. I used it on his cradle cap. I used it on his big brothers when their eczema prone skin became dry or they had a full eczema flare up. And I also used it on myself as did the hubby!!! Shaving can really irritate the skin and we both found it to be a fabulous and soothing after shave balm. Let alone the fact that it left us all smelling absolutely delicious, like tropical little coconuts. The smell evokes, images of tropical beach holidays and paradise desert islands……. hmmm bliss!

So many of you have posted pictures on Instagram asking what you can do about your babies cradle cap, eczema, dry skin etc an I have always responded by recommending that you give KOKOSO BABY a go.


By way of background, all three of my children have suffered with dry skin complaints and eczema. My eldest son, who is now 6 years old, suffered with eczema and baby acne. I wish that I had had KOKOSO in my life back then as it would of saved me so much time and worry.

My second son, who is now aged 2, suffers with eczema really badly. His skin can flare up so badly that his legs look like he has suffered burns. Previously I had used lotions and creams that were prescribed to him by our GP. while these might help in the short term. I know that his skin condition is a reoccurring thing so that any reprieve from it is always short lived.


Recently however, KOKOSO BABY  brought out a range of baby washes and lotions and I was thrilled to be picked as one of their “Launched by Mums” Mum’s. The baby wash we were sent was just heavenly. I swirled it in the bath water and washed my babies head to toe in it, even washing their hair. They came out of the bath not only smelling divine, but their skin was soft and moisturised and not at all irritated as I had found to be the case with many other so called, sensitive baby washes!


After bath time all three of my boys love nothing more than a bit of massage time before bed. Its a bonding and relaxing experience for all of us. Now my eldest might be pushing his luck a little bit with the massage part as six year old, but he doesn’t want to be left out and miss out on any of the action!! and who can blame him, right?

Being such a long time user and lover of KOKOSO BABY, I was absolutely thrilled when they contacted me and said that they would love to team up with me to offer one of my lucky followers on Instagram the chance to win a KOKOSO BABY New Born Essentials kit.


The New-born Essential Kit contains a Body wash (unperfumed), a tub of KOKOSO BABY miracle wonder oil and a natural Konjac  baby sponge together with its own little storage bag.

The supremely soft and Natural Konjac baby sponge is perfect for cleansing even new-born skin. The fine non-irritating plant fibres and natural antioxidant properties help to protect and care for delicate young skin by gently removing dirt and helping to balance the skins pH levels.

The fragrance free baby wash is an ultra mild hair and body wash that is formulated with organic coconut oil and aloe vera which is perfect for new-borns  and those with particularly sensitive skin. When your little ones skin has had chance to strengthen and mature (at approximately 3 months) you may wish to consider introducing a natural allergen-free fragrance to their bath time routine and that’s where the super gentle coconut scented hair and body wash comes in.


And don’t forget to follow up baby’s bath time routine with a soothing massage with the KOKOSO BABY pure organic coconut wonder oil. This stuff is truly amazing and is also the perfect accessory to take along to those baby massage classes!!

As KOKOSO BABY pure organic coconut oil, is just that, it is also naturally antibacterial and is the perfect soothing balm on sore little bottoms and helping to heal nappy rash the natural way.

furthermore, KOKOSO BABY continues with its green ethos by making the packaging of the New-born Essentials Kit 100% recyclable, being responsibly sourced from 100% wood. Even the window is made from acetate which comes from wood pulp meaning it is completely biodegradable and that you can even pop it in the food waste with your potato peelings!


KOKOSO BABY  has won numerous awards most recently taking home the GOLD award at the Junior Design Awards 2017 for the Best Baby Toiletries Collection.

awardsKOKOSO BABY  was also featured in VOGUE MAGAZINE as the best organic baby product.

KOKOSO BABY products can be brought direct from http://www.kokoso.co.uk or can be now also be purchased through many stores including:-

http://www.shopmeggies.co.uk at Stow on the Wold in the Cotswolds

http://www.archiesboutique.com in Brighton







http://www.jojomamanbebe.co.uk – nationwide

http://www.boots.com – nationwide

The New-born Essentials Kit can be purchased online from http://www.kokosobaby.co.uk for £19.99.


As mentioned, above, however, I am privileged to be able to offer one of my lovely followers one of the New-born Essential Kits completely free of charge. All you have to do to enter is:-

  1. Make sure you are following @kokosobaby on Instagram
  2. Make sure you are following me @motherand3sons on Instagram
  3. Tag as many friends as you like who you think would also be interested in winning one of these amazing kits. (one tag per line and each new tag counts as a separate entry)
  4. Re-post a copy of the giveaway promotional picture on your own page for an extra entry into the competition.

Steps 1 -3 must be completed in order to be in with a chance of winning and these will be checked! Step 4 is optional but does give you an extra shot at winning!

Good Luck everyone. The winner will be announced on Sunday 27th August 2017 at 8.00pm and the lucky individual will be sent their prize direct from KOKOSO BABY.

I’ve been really honoured and privileged to be able to work with such an amazing brand as KOKOSO BABY and would like to take this opportunity to thank them not only for this wonderful opportunity for me, but also for the quality and second to none products that they make. I’ve just one remaining question left though; what’s next Kokoso Baby? I’m hoping for a suntan lotion!!!

With Love as always,

Mother and 3 Sons xxx


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