Little Dish ……..Proper Food For Kids

Recently we were delighted to be sent a food hamper to try from @LittleDishuk.

Little Dish prides itself on making “Proper Food for Kids”. Their meals are full of healthy, wholesome ingredients which are low in salt with no added sugar or sweeteners.

We tried the Little Dish Classics range that includes Baked Beans, Spaghetti Hoops, Tomato Soup and Macaroni Cheese. Together with cook-in sauces of Mild Korma and Classic Tomato Pasta sauce. The idea of these dishes are that they are traditional kids favourites so will automatically be a big hit with your little ones. They are also a big hit with Mum’s and Dad’s too due to them being packed with hidden veggies and containing no hidden nasties.


When the box arrived in the post, we were so excited to open it up and see what goodies were inside. We weren’t disappointed. Our goodie box  was the Little Dish “Little Camping Survival Kit” and contained the following products:-

  • A selection of Little Dish Classics and cooking sauces for nutritious campfire meals.
  • Wooden spoon and apron for trainee campfire chefs.
  • giant colour in table cloth for fireside fun.

First off, Beau was so excited to get the apron on and wielding his wooden spoon was raring to go!IMG_4145

As we had been given the Little Camping Kit to try, we decided that it was only right that we should get the tent out and the boys were really excited at the prospect of a night under the stars and dinner outside.


Whilst Daddy set to work with putting the tent up, the boys were entertained with the giant colour in tablecloth. Everyone loved the colour in tablecloth and we all spent time colouring in our own little bit!!

Once the tent was up we set about the important task of cooking dinner. Beau and Rudy decided that they would like to have the Baked Bean and Spaghetti hoops served with sausages.

Now as we were having a camp out in our own back garden, we decided on this occasion not to cook our dinner over an open fire but instead opted for the safety of our own kitchen.

Beau was very keen to be involved in the whole cooking process however, and I really loved that he was taking an interest in helping to prepare and cook the food that he was about to eat.IMG_4210

Once dinner was served, the boys sat outside in the garden to eat it. I’m pleased to report that the dinner was a HUGE hit with the boys who both wolfed it all down in next to no time.

Another major bonus for me with the @littledishuk foods is that as it is “proper food for kids” I could be reassured as to the quality of the ingredients contained in the products and further, I could easily assess the ingredients and note that they contained no milk products so that therefore they were also suitable for Sonny to enjoy. All too often with convenience foods of this nature, they are packed with extras that are totally unsuitable for children with allergies like Sonny.


After dinner time, we had three very happy little campers with three very full tummies and clean plates.


On the basis of the products we have already tried, we can’t wait to try the cook-in sauces for our mid-week dinner time meals.

We have loved sampling these products and think they would be the perfect addition not only to any parents food cupboard but because they are light weight and don’t require refrigeration, they are also absolutely ideal for taking away on holiday, camping adventures and festivals over the summer. We will certainly be packing some for our upcoming holiday!

Little Dish Classics are suitable for children aged 1 year plus and are available to buy in the Baby Aisle of Tesco, Sainsburys, Ocado, Morrisons and Boots from July 2017.

Thank you for letting us be your Little Taste Testers @LittleDishuk

Beau, Rudy and Sonny


Mother and 3 Sons xxx





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