True Tutors the E-book

When it  comes to educating your children you could be forgiven for thinking that the majority of their education will come to them whilst they are at school. That’s what I thought anyway. With my eldest son Beau, I wasn’t t all concerned that his knowledge of all things school related was basic because I knew when he started school that he would soon be taught all the things that he needed to know. I was wrong in this assumption, however. When my son actually started in reception class it became apparent that most of his classmates already had a much greater understanding than he did and that therefore he had some catching up to do. Don’t get me wrong, we got there, but I do think that it made his first year somewhat harder for him than it might of or needed to have been.

Now when it comes to my second son, my middle child Rudy, I am determined not to repeat past mistakes and I will make sure that he is as ready as he can be when he starts school.

To this end, I was delighted to come across Olivia on Instagram who is a teacher and who has produced an e-Book that is specifically designed to help and prepare children like Rudy who are due to start reception class at school in the foreseeable future.

An important point to raise here I think, is that this book is actually written by real life teachers. Therefore you can be safe in knowledge that this book is  age appropriate and that it follows the National Curriculum. Everything that is contained with this book runs alongside what your child will be learning in reception class and in that respect I feel that it is invaluable.


As mentioned above, True Tutors comes in the form of an e-Book. It is e-mailed to you and once downloaded you can pick and choose which pages you feel are appropriate to you at that time. I also found it to be of great benefit that you can print off the activity pages as many times as you want and that there is no limit on the amount of times you can do this.

Once my eldest son, Beau started school, I did buy him some learning books with activities in them, but I found this e-book to be so much more practical in the fact that I didn’t have to keep replicating the activity sheets, as you can simply just print another one off.



The learning sections have been well thought about and are set out really well. Each section comes with helpful hints and tips for parents as to how best to help teach the given subject to your child and there is also an assessment sheet at the end so you can ascertain how your little one is getting on. The assessment sheets can also help you to identify any areas where your child may be struggling so that you can provide further guidance in that area.



The book itself is basically split into three learning sections being Literacy, Numbers and Home Extras.

Literacy covers everything your little one needs to know from the alphabet, phonics, word formation and spelling to even starting to form their own sentences. Each new section of the book, builds on the previous one, making the learning process continual and fluid with a gradual increase.

The numbers section is fun and colourful and has lots of adding  and subtracting exercises as well as shape identification. The adding and subtraction section is helped with things like fun penguin illustrations. For instance, if you have four penguins and take two away, how many penguins are left, sort of thing.


I remember from when Beau was in Reception class and learning different shapes that he would come home with some examples and I, for the life of me, couldn’t identify some of them, so therefore you might find you actually get more benefit out of this book than you would initially imagine as well!!

Now, the Home Extras section is something that I believe will be of great use and benefit to the whole family. For instance, there are bright, colourful cards that you can print off and cut out to set up a timetable of your child’s day with. Beau especially enjoyed this element as I think it made him feel that he had some control over how his day was going to go. It includes putting things on it like, getting up and going to bed as well as fun activities such as going swimming, TV time, shopping and playing with toys.  Now Rudy may not of understood this element so much, but he is always wanting to be just like his big brother so he got plenty of encouragement from him to create his own timetable!


Also included in the Home Extras section is some super “Well Done Cards” for both boys and girls. Both Beau and Rudy have loved receiving these and they can be used as learning rewards or even be used for your benefit such as  for your children tidying away their toys!!


We have really enjoyed using this book so far and will be sure to continue using it. I found it to be simple to use and understand. It makes learning fun for the little ones and it has the added bonus that it can be used time and time again.

A big Thank You to Olivia and True Tutors for giving us the opportunity to trial and review this e-Book.

I am delighted to be able to offer one lucky follower a free copy of the e-book. If you would like to be in with a chance of winning this, then please do head over to my Instagram page @motherand3sons where you will find full details of this.

The cost of this e-Book is £14.99, however, you can currently get a 20% discount off of this price by using the code “EARLY20MOTHER” on the True Tutors website, deatils below. This offer is valid until the 12th July 2017.

You can find True Tutors on the website at:
Or find them on Instagram @earlyyearstoolkit

Motherand3Sons xxx




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