Kidloland the Toddler and Pre-School App….An Honest Review…..


When Kidloland first contacted me to see if I would be willing to write them an honest review of their App in return for 1 year free subscription, I admit I was a little sceptical at first. My reason for being so, is that I’ve always been one of those Mum’s that doesn’t believe in “palming” young children off with electronic devices. Although I am actively involved in social media myself, I very much want my children to be children. I want them to run free and be wild exploring the great outdoors rather than stuck inside glued to a computer screen. Let them be little and all that…..

Why then, I hear you ask, did I ever agree to trial this product and write a review. Well, read on and I’ll tell you why now.

My middle son, Rudy is now aged 2 1/2. Whilst neither I nor my health professionals are unduly concerned about his development, I have noticed and am very much aware that Rudy’s speech is not at a level that his older brother demonstrated at the same age. It is for this reason, that I agreed to trial this App as I felt that perhaps it might be helpful in developing Rudy’s speech and general learning overall.



The KidloLand  App is full of vibrant colours, fun characters, music and songs throughout and its easy to see, as an adult, why this would capture the imagination and concentration of a toddler/pre-school aged child such as Rudy.


As mentioned above, KidloLand is aimed at toddlers and pre-schoolers. It has a masses of different sections within the app which are Nursery Rhymes, Stories, Phonics, ABCD Songs, Games, Activities, Flowers, Dinos, Old Mcdonald Songs, Trucks, Vehicles, Animals, Fruits, Row Your Boat, Animal sounds, Birds, Vegetables, Insects, Shapes, Lullabies, Water Animals, Days of the Week, Months of the Year, Numbers1-100, Colours and Christmas…….PHEW!!!! So as you can see, there is a seemingly almost endless supply of entertainment to keep your child amused and happy whilst at the same time being educated and learning in a fun way.

As Rudy is only  2, he isn’t  yet really aware of the impact of electronic devices on our everyday lives, but he does see his older brother using a tablet/ipad and he is naturally curious. I try to limit the time I spend on my phone/laptop outside of time I spend with my children (i.e. when they are asleep) but, of course, there are times, when the children witness me doing something and this creates a natural curiosity for them for the unknown.

I found out with my eldest, who is now aged 6 years, that once children start school it is assumed that they will already know how to use a computer/tablet. As a parent I’d always considered Beau to be too young for such things, but once he started primary school, myself and his father felt that perhaps we had failed to prepare him properly in this regard as all the other children seemed to be experts in this field already!

I’m pleased to have had the opportunity to experience the Kidloland App with Rudy as not only is it getting him used to using an electronic device appropriately, its content is safe and age appropriate whilst also being beneficial and educational to him.

Kidloland also recommended that the App would be suitable for my youngest child aged just 9 months! I really didn’t think that this was an option so was very sceptical and told them so. However, they directed me to their lullabies section. This is a very handy little tool especially when your out and about and away from home and your usual routine. Sonny found the lullabies to be soothing and entertaining thus making trips away with him just that little bit easier. Which I sure any parent with young children would welcome.


The Kidloland App is obviously more widely appropriate for my middle son and Rudy’s favourite sections within the app are:

Stories – Your child can either read the story themselves or have it narrated to them. I loved this feature as Rudy could listen to the story by himself or his older brother Beau would read to him which made the whole experience more interactive for the family. The stories can also be interactive in themselves allowing your child to click and move items around.


Activities and Games– Rudy really enjoyed the space game in this section of the App. The game includes things such as puzzles where your child is required to click and drag the shapes to fit the given object in the picture and there is also tracing the shape games and dot to dots.


Musical petals –  A flower appears on the screen and its a musical keyboard. you can either choose to make your own song or pick a nursery rhyme from classics such as Itsy Bitsy Spider or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. When you choose the nursery rhyme option each flower petal will light in turn allowing the song to be played out. This game is brilliant for concentration and coordination skills.


Chomping Monsters – This is a fun game where you have to piece together a puzzle fruit and then a monster pops up and you feed the fruit to him. Rudy thought this game was great fun.



In summary, I’d say KidloLand is perfect for ages 2-5, and we have found the reading section to be beneficial to my older child too. There really is so much included in this KidloLand app and because of its educational properties, I have no problem with my children using it. We found it to be extremely useful when out. For instance if we are eating out at a restaurant, the children can become easily bored and frustrated whilst waiting for their food to arrive. When we took the App along with us, the children were quite happy to sit there quietly engrossed in a story or game during the waiting period. So as a parent, I have found this to be a very useful tool.

I really like that KidloLand have included every educational topic you’d want your toddler to be learning and due to the nature of the app it makes the learning fun for the child which essentially is what its all about.

The Kidloland app has over 95 Classic Nursery Rhymes, 300 different Activities, 1000’s of Nursery Rhymes, Songs, Stories, Activities, and Games so there’s no danger of your child becoming easily bored with it.

Furthermore, Kidloland has been recommended by over 325 Parent bloggers and it has won numerous Awards and Badges including the Mom’s Choice Award and Academic’s Choice Award winner for Smart Media

You can download a free version of the KidloLand App by following the links below, although I would recommend paying out for the full version as it opens up endless educational fun and has new content added regularly, so never becomes outdated.

Google Play Store
Amazon Appstore

Finally, I should like to Thank KidloLand for providing us with a one year subscription with them in return for our honest review.

Mother and 3 Sons xxx

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