Wooden Watches ; the new must-have accessory!

Simplicity is my thing. I'm not one these women who likes to wear a lot of jewellery and bling. In fact all I do tend to wear is my wedding rings and the diamond stud earrings that my hubby gave to me on our wedding day. As such, I wouldn’t normally wear a watch because… Continue reading Wooden Watches ; the new must-have accessory!

Elf on the Shelf

So its nearly that time of year again, you know the one where we argue with our partners about who forgot the put the Elf out somewhere new the night before and about who's turn it is to think of something new to do with said cute named Elf that night!! In all honestly the… Continue reading Elf on the Shelf

Cupid Box Dates

You know what its like, you both lead busy lives, and by the time you've fed, bathed and put the kids to bed, all you feel like doing is flopping down on the sofa with a movie and perhaps a cheeky glass of wine. Neither of you can really summon up the energy to turn… Continue reading Cupid Box Dates

Being a SAHM

So, here I am again! and yep, I've got something that I want to say....... I was having an online conversation with another mum the other day about being a SAHM (a Stay at Home Mum) and how she felt that she is being judged negatively by her peers for being one and also how… Continue reading Being a SAHM

Baby Loss Awareness Week 2018

So, its that time of year once more, the time of year when we all come together to remember our own losses and acknowledge the loss that others around us have endured also. Of course, if you're someone who has been through baby or infant loss then you know it is simply not just one… Continue reading Baby Loss Awareness Week 2018

Josh Wood Colour

So, as some of you may already be aware, I've been using the Josh Wood Colour at home colouring system for some time now and  I was delighted when I was recently invited to the London Atelier for a one on one day of professional expert advice and pampering. Now it's no secret that I… Continue reading Josh Wood Colour

Skinny Tan Review

Well, its been one long, hot summer hasn't it!! I must admit I've loved every second of it enjoying the sunshine with my boys. Like everyone, I crave that golden glow of the perfect tan, however, I know the harsh and very real dangers that the sun can pose so I've always been a "fake… Continue reading Skinny Tan Review


Recently we were sent some product samples to try from Jelly Works Jelly Work specialises in "First Aid Kits for Injured Kids". As these products are geared towards children you will find all things first aid related in a range of fun characters from Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, Minions and Hello Kitty. The items were were… Continue reading JellyWorks

Tent 2 Hire

You'll be aware from my recent Post concerning our stay at the Woodlands Festival, that we embraced the whole Festival vibe and camped out under canvas for the duration of our stay. The tent we stayed in was from a company called Tent2Hire In my opinion, Tent 2 Hire are an absolute Festival lifesaver and as… Continue reading Tent 2 Hire

Woodlands Festival

Wow what a busy Summer our Happy Home with 3 boys is having this year already! To kick off our Summer of Fun, the other week we were lucky enough to have tickets given to us for the Woodlands Festival in Hawkhurst Kent. This was only the Festival's second year of running and to be… Continue reading Woodlands Festival